Eternity    Caravans    Campervans Motorhomes WA, a Family Owned and Operated Business

Eternity Caravans can take you to the Red Centre with our al-ko enduro outback suspension or to the Lakeside with our al-ko touring pack.   A cheap caravan is not always the best.   An affordable caravan, with multiple options coming as standard is the best value preferred caravan.

Our Values

Eternity Caravans WA is locally owned and operated business located at 67 Dixon Road in Rockingham, Western Australia. Selling caravans, campervans and motorhomes is our primary business. We strive to provide the best for our customers.

Customer Support

From Here to Eternity we promise you Great Value, Excellent Service and the Best Customer Experience because you matter! Each vehicle comes with a comprehensive 12 months warranty at no extra cost. Call us on 08 9568 1867.

At Eternity Caravans WA

Our friendly and experienced staff can take care of all your needs and find personalized solutions, custom tailored to your finance situation. For all your Caravan finance options and questions please give us a call on 08 9568 1867.

Eternity Caravans

Eternity Caravans have everything you would expect in a quality caravan. Built in Australia, Eternity caravans offer high quality and maximum comfort without the feeling of confinement. Many features coming as standard, means you have the perfect first grade caravan the entire family will love at an affordable price.

With several floorplans to choose from for each model, your new Eternity Caravan can be customised to suit your requirements.

100% Built for Australia
Initial Investment - conservative
Cost of Extra Options - reasonable
Cost of Ownership - low
* compared to other, non Australian manufacturers


Our advantage to recreational vehicles is knowing what our clients need.

The majority of motorhomes suits the open road. We believe you need a motorhome that suits your desired holiday destination. A 4x4 recreational vehicle (motorhome) does just that, taking you to the most hidden destinations.

Motorhome's have many different layouts. Couples would be best suited with an island bed situated close to a large ensuite.

Slide Out motorhome's provide space to relax and feel free, whilst having your creature components at your fingertips. A family motorhome will provide enough sleeping space for 6 people and consist of a Luton Peak bed (over cabin), drop down table (to sleep 2) and a main double bed. Single bed layouts in motorhomes are very popular. These once again open the floor plan to create space within the motorhome.

Motorhome travelling is not prejudiced to age or numbers and they can be enjoyed by singles, couples, families, and groups.

Enjoy our vast country and hit the road in one of our luxury appointed motorhomes. Our motorhome range displays many world class units: Autotrail Motorhomes, Sprinter Motorhomes, Hiace Motorhomes, Iveco Motorhomes, IZUZU Motorhomes, Toyota Motorhomes, Fiat Motorhomes and many more.

If it's a second hand motorhome, Eternity Caravans WA have it here for you.


Caravan Layouts

Family Bunk Beds, Rear Club Lounge, Centre Ensuite, Queen Bed and Single Beds, Kitchen Awning Side, Centre or Rear Door ... All that and much more little extras to ensure your enjoyable and memorable Off Road, On Road and Off Grid experience. Made in Australia, the quality and value of your caravan is second to none.

Eternity "Vigilante" Caravans are turning heads with their full off-road capability, top of the line luxury and quality, bold carbon style exteriors and soft luxury interior. Eternity "Glory" caravans are known as well built, with the same off-road capabilities and well known Eternity Caravans quality. The Basic Line "Monument", Luxury "Vigilante" and Mid Range "Glory" are packed with features and offer many layouts, material and colour choices. Offside Kitchen Awning, White Composite Cladding, Soft Close Gas Strut to OHC, Low Profile AC, Pillow-top Mattress, AL-KO Enduro Suspension, G&S Chassis and Swift Appliances are standard in many models.


18' to 22ft Eternity Monument

Have a look at the entry level, quality built Eternity Monument caravan.
Monument caravan options:
Queen bed, single beds, centre or rear door, Cafe or L shape seating, Club lounge.

16'6 to 22ft Eternity Glory

Have a look at the quality, Australian made Eternity Glory caravan.
Glory caravan options:
Queen bed, single beds, centre or rear door, Cafe or L shape seating, Club lounge.

16'6 to 22ft Eternity Vigilante

Have a look at the luxury, top of the line Eternity Vigilante caravan.
Vigilante caravan options:
Queen bed, single beds, centre or rear door, Cafe or L shape seating, Club lounge.